For help with the mechanical aspect of your character, check out #cats-meow

The Rules:

  1. Have fun! The entire purpose of this game is to enjoy yourself
  2. Read the rules! This includes making sure to ask questions if you need clarification on anything
  3. Don't make me make more rules!

General Expectations

This is a collaborative storytelling game with the intention of allowing everyone to contribute to a role-playing story they can enjoy.

Posting In-Character

Consent matters. Whether on a mission or in the commons of  #the-glaring, respect the autonomy of others! Make sure to get permission before attacking or casting spells on other characters. Do not take actions that might have a significant impact on another character's story without messaging the player first to discuss your intent. This includes romance, antagonism, discovering/revealing secrets, and inflicting any sort of trauma on another character.

If a player mentions ahead of time what their X-card is, do not use that as a weapon or a tool. If it is something that can be avoided, do so. If it is a topic that can be stepped around, that can be done so as well.

  • In the Den:

Even while your character is out on a mission, you are still allowed to post in the #the-glaring. Things said in the Den only have a loose connection to the timeline of actual play. However, these are considered in-character channels, and things said or done here can and do affect your character. Events in #the-glaring are generally accepted as being before a current mission, until that mission is completed. So you are welcome to discuss previous missions but should not mention things that your character is currently doing in a mission, as the character may be elsewhere in Sharn or even outside of the city.

Remember to respect the roleplay, development and autonomy of other characters in the following ways:

  • Catching up-

    • Before entering the Den, take time to read up on what has been happening. At minimum you should peruse the previous ten messages or so before bringing in your character.
  • Respect the Moment-

    • If characters are in the middle of a private or heavy conversation, ask in the out-of-character channel if it is alright for your to enter, or wait until the moment has concluded to enter.
  • Role-play your own character-

    • Respect that other players have their own plans for their character, and do not take any in-character actions that might remove their autonomy, reveal secrets, or otherwise change a character's trajectory wiithout messaging the player to ask.
  • RP and AFK-

    • If you enter the lounge for ongoing role-play, don't let it linger. If you know you can't finish a scene, make an exit for your character or offer to take a conversation to a side talk in #cats-got-your-tongue so that role-play in the Den can continue to be fluid. Don't leave someone hanging for hours if they have other things they want their character to do.
  • Side Talks-

    • Use the #cats-got-your-tongue channel for in-character chats that take place outside of the Den or the gang, such as elsewhere in the city or in private, or Den conversations that need to be slowed down to a different pace. Signifying the start and end of these scenes is courteous to the other players. This allows everyone to feel included in the role-play even if it is something their character might not be aware of.

  • Play-by-Post:

While on a mission or adventure, keep the following in mind to keep things running smoothly:

  • Communicate-

    • These types of games live or die by communication. If you are going to be gone or can't commit to role-play for a while, just let the DM know. If you are confused as to what is happening or have questions, ask!
  • Post in Character 1/day-

    • When on a mission, try to post in-character at least once a day, or more if you are able to. This helps the game move forward so missions can be completed and immersion isn't as broken by frequent gaps.
  • Relevant information-

    • Unlike at a table where characters have a chance to take things in turn, a lot of play-by-post action happens simultaneously while players are available. Keep the momentum going.
    • If you want to make an attack or a check, go ahead and make it, and roll damage. If the check isn't needed or the attack misses, the DM can just ignore the rolls. Don't be afraid to use "if" situations to finish a narrative while you wait for a reply "If I hit then," or "If I miss…"
  • Post forward-

    • Moving the game forward is important, but play-by-post games are asynchronous. A conversation between other characters might move forward while you are asleep or at work. This doesn't mean that you need to come back to it (unless something was addressed to it), just assume that the "camera" of the game was focused on those characters for the narrative while your character was otherwise occupied with something. When you are able to post again, do so moving forward, not backtracking to where your character was ten minutes ago during the missed conversation.
  • IC and OOC channels-

    • Each mission will have an in-character channel for roleplaying, and an out-of-character channel associated with it for banter about the mission or immediate questions without breaking the flow of the game. Conversations can get distracted or derailed, but if they are way off base for the misison topic, just gravitate back towards #cat-burglars.


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