Felis Oculi

In the slums of Lower Dura, life can tough, brutal, and all too often cut short. Opportunity exists for those with the cleverness to notice and seize it, and even in the seediest parts of the District a semblance of family and belonging can be found. Cousin Aki has gathered a few wayward urchins under his protection, a tight-knit family of castaways and undesirables eking out their existence in a cruel city that would see them undone. Aki has an affinity for those of an animalistic persuasion, namely felines, taking catfolk, shifters, and tibbits into his den above most. Others fit into their family by their trappings of skewed living prophecies- those dragonmarks others know as aberrant, especially individuals that are hesitant to join the ranks of House Tarkanan. Not every member of the gang is feral or 'marked, as Cousin Aki sees opportunity in most, and has a soft spot for the lost.

The ragtag band of cutpurses and filchers are known as The Glaring, and their mysterious benefactor known only as Mr. Fetch keeps the larger gangs mostly out of their business in exchange for payment and tasks Aki appoints to his kindle.

Felis Oculi is a noir-style 5e D&D Eberron game.The game plays utilizing Discord.

Felis Oculi

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